I believe photos can motivate people to take action, but they can be triggering for those who have struggled with body image issues or eating disorders. If that’s you, please skip these next few sections. Further below, you’ll find examples of amazing, non-physical wins. - Vanessa

Client Results 😮


Biggest Challenge: crazy busy work schedule


Biggest Challenge: staying motivated


Biggest Challenge: mental health


Biggest Challenge: unsure of how to work out properly

Case Studies 🔎

Meet Joanne

The UX Designer who developed mindful eating habits


Meet Amanda

The Marketer who got in shape after a break-up

Meet Gabby

The MBA student who finally got control of her drinking

"I can zip up my pants now!"





Client Wins: Mental Health 🧠

Client Wins: Confidence ✨

Client Wins: Eating 🥦

Client Wins: Strength 💪🏼

Client Wins: Health ⛑

Client Love 🥰

“When I first met Vanessa, I was coming out of a dark space emotionally, and I turned to fitness as a way to rebuild my confidence and clarity.

Vanessa's always answered all my questions with genuine compassion and wisdom. I owe so much of my healthy relationship with food and fitness to Vanessa, and I’m so grateful to count her as a close friend on my ongoing health journey.

In fact, I wanted to impact others in the same way Vanessa has impacted me, so I pursued my certification in group fitness, and I’ve been teaching friends & family ever since.” 

- Nora

"I was a chubby kid growing up, and I've never been fit, healthy, or toned - until I started training with Vanessa.

I never used to be able to do push-ups and even 3 lb weights felt heavy to me. But now, I can do push-ups, lift 8+ lb weights, and my body is much stronger.

Nutrition-wise, I consistently control my portions, don't starve myself of certain foods, and my indigestion and constant burping has subsided."

- Christine

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