Meet Gabby, an MBA student at a top 3 business school


Gabby had tons of social events at business school and was averaging 10+ alcoholic drinks per week.

Her excessive drinking was preventing her from losing fat.

Gabby also loved Barry’s Bootcamp and was consistent with her workouts.

But she wasn’t sure if she was doing certain exercises properly, or if they were even good for her body type.


We focused on learning correct form for deadlifts and for advanced exercises, like kettlebell cleans and swings.

I also focused on core exercises that were more effective than the typical crunches she was doing in fitness classes.

To control her drinking, we looked at her social calendar each week and came up with a game plan for each situation.

We implemented different strategies on how to eat & drink when going out to dinner, dates, events, etc. 


Months later, Gabby lost body fat, became leaner, and started fitting better into her clothes.

More importantly, she now trusts herself to be in control of her drinking. She averages 3 drinks a week, down from 10+! 

In fact, she had a wine tasting trip in California that we knew would be a true test of her progress.

Yet, she was able to enjoy herself and still be in control.

She shared this:

Gabby also developed more confidence about how to work out effectively.

As a result, one of my favorite moments was when she moved to New York City, and sent me this photo of the new workout space she put together.

Later, Gabby sent me this text that best summarizes the results from her journey:


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