As of 2022, sign-ups have closed for my online coaching program.

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    Build Healthy Habits

    An 8-week online program to get you

    fit, strong, and lean

    No matter how busy, stressed, or unmotivated you are


    Hi, I'm Vanessa Liu

    Fitness Trainer & Nutritionist

    I help busy professionals build the right habits to get in the best shape of their lives.


    You're in the right place if...


    You've done group classes or YouTube workouts but you're never sure if the exercises are effective, and you're scared of getting injured. Or maybe you're intimidated by the gym and want to feel more confident while working out.


    You want to stop feeling guilty while eating with friends, family, or co-workers. You want to be in control of your eating, without sacrificing your social life, taste preferences, or time & money.


    You're tired of cutting carbs, sugar, or following meal plans that make you eat chicken and broccoli. Especially if you're a person of color who prefers foods from your culture.


    You already know that you should exercise and eat healthy, you just need some accountability & support to bridge that gap between knowledge and behavior.

    What if you could...

    Simplify fitness & nutrition so you can finally get in shape, without obsessing or resorting to extreme measures.

    That's why I created my Build Healthy Habits online program.

    Here's the truth. You have a bunch of free options out there.

    YouTube workouts, recipes on IG, meal plans from Pinterest.

    But in a world of endless information, you need to know where to focus.

    You need accountability, coaching, and support.

    I'm a former Equinox personal trainer turned online-only trainer & nutritionist.

    I specialize in helping busy professionals get in the best shape of their lives by working out effectively and eating healthy consistently.

    My clients have been able to drop multiple dress sizes, lose 10% of their body fat, and improve serious health conditions.

    I can’t wait to take you through my proven approach so you can finally be consistent and get in shape - no matter how busy, stressed, or unmotivated you are.



    Customized Workouts

    Detailed, personalized workout plan that fits your goals, body type, equipment access, injuries, and fitness level. We'll prioritize effective workouts, instead of doing something that just gets you sweaty.

    Habit Roadmap

    Customized roadmap for creating healthy habits. So you can start to develop the behaviors & routines that work for you.

    Progress Monitoring

    Weekly check-in's to make sure you're staying on track. We'll go over wins, challenges, and make adjustments to ensure you're getting results.

    Nutrition Guide

    Your own nutrition guide that includes a food list and your personalized portions that you can reference at any time.

    Food Tracking

    Non-judgmental food tracking (seriously, I want to see all the boba & tacos!) that includes my feedback and suggestions, so you can start changing your eating habits.


    100% unlimited messaging support to answer any questions, keep you motivated, and provide guidance.



    Sign up now for Build Healthy Habits, my online 8-week training program

    Program Duration: May 1 - June 30


    When does the 8 weeks start?

    The 8 weeks starts on May 1. This program runs from May 1 - June 30.

    What if I'm going on vacation?

    Not a problem. Part of living a sustainable healthy lifestyle is being able to still practice your habits or adjust them based on your situation - instead of completely falling off the bandwagon!

    We'll come up with a game-plan for your travels where you can still be healthy, but also still enjoy yourself. We'll also decide how much support you want while on vacation.

    What happens after I purchase?

    I'll email you a comprehensive questionnaire to learn more about you. Once you fill it out, we'll schedule a 30-minute onboarding video call where I'll present your program and roadmap and we'll go from there.

    Are these 1:1 training sessions?

    No, these are not 1:1 training sessions. You'll receive a workout that you do on your own, with my support and guidance.

    We'll have two 30 minute one-on-one video calls, one for onboarding, and one for offboarding. During the onboarding call, I may demonstrate an exercise or two and watch you do it, but it's not a full-on training session.

    Can you send me an invoice for my company's wellness reimbursement?

    Of course! I can email you the invoice and receipt.

    What gym equipment do I need?

    If you have a gym membership, that's great.

    If not, I work with what you have. Dumbbells or kettlebells are what I recommend. If you need equipment recommendations based on your budget, feel free to email me:

    How do you deliver the workout?

    I use a mobile app called "Everfit" that you download onto your phone.

    How do we communicate?

    Everfit has in-app messaging. All of our communication happens there. It's also where I upload any resources for you.

    What happens when sign-ups close on Friday, April 29?

    You'll have to wait until I open up sign-ups again (not until early 2023).

    So, make sure you don't delay! Sign up before 11:59PM Pacific Time on Friday, April 29!

    I have more questions about the program. Can I contact you?

    Of course! I'd love to hear from you. Email and I'll respond ASAP.

    Get a coach. Get consistent. Get results.

    Program Duration: May 1 - June 30