Meet Joanne, a UX designer in her 20s


Joanne didn’t have much muscle.

She wanted to get stronger and more toned, and be more consistent with exercising

She also wanted help in managing her Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Fried foods, sugar, dairy, and alcohol were her IBS triggers. 

But being in her 20s, she liked to go out, eat + drink, and be social.

So she had a lot of anxiety about having IBS flare-ups, which caused a ton of discouragement and negative self-talk.


For her workouts, we focused on strengthening her upper body, glutes, and hamstrings.

I emphasized proper form to prevent injuries, and to make sure a muscle was working effectively, so she could develop good tone.

For her IBS, we experimented with different supplements and eating habits.

The goal was to avoid making judgments of herself when an experiment didn't work and she had a flare-up.

"No failures, only learning" was our mindset.

Another huge win was developing mindful eating habits - to the point where she wasn't overeating, even on weekend trips!


Months later, Joanne sent me the above photo while on a trip to Hawaii, along with this text:

Joanne gained confidence & knowledge from our workout sessions, and is now working out on her own several times a week!

Her upper body and glutes are much stronger and more toned.

And nowadays, her IBS is more manageable.

She's learned strategies to prevent an IBS flare-up, and knows what to eat so her body feels good.

And one of my favorite results is that she's started to overcome that anxiety and negative self-talk.

She shared this:


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