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I'm an online fitness trainer & nutritionist, but fun fact: I’m a career changer.

I used to work in software sales (most recently at MuleSoft, later acquired by Salesforce) before I left tech to pursue my fitness passion.

After leaving tech, I taught P90X and HIIT classes on ClassPass and UCSF.

Eventually, I transitioned to 1:1 personal training and became a top-tier trainer at Equinox Pine Street in San Francisco.

Pretty soon, I developed a reputation as the “lifestyle” trainer with a fat loss approach based on sustainable habits & behaviors.

Eventually, I left Equinox to start my own business and become an online-only trainer.

Today, I work with busy professionals (worldwide!) to build the right workout & nutrition habits for a healthy lifestyle.





  • Studied Nutrition and Public Health at UC Berkeley (Go Bears!)


  • National Academy of Sports Medicine, the #1 recognized certification for personal training
  • Precision Nutrition, the most respected nutrition & behavior coaching company that's worked with organizations like Nike, Equinox, and the San Antonio Spurs
  • Moms Gone Strong, the most comprehensive pre & postnatal program, developed by world-class OB/GYN experts from John Hopkins & Yale University

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As of 2022, I'm no longer accepting new 1:1 clients.

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