Meet Amanda, a Product Marketing Manager living in San Francisco


Amanda went through a break-up and wanted to get fit as a way to focus on herself.

She usually ate DoorDash takeout, and she struggled with feeling guilty whenever she ate “junk food.” 

Her workouts consisted of random YouTube videos, so she lacked consistency and structure, which meant she didn’t see progress


We focused on exercises with a clear progression, so she could feel a sense of accomplishment when she saw herself getting better and stronger.

I also assigned her workouts to do as "homework" and every time she completed it, she texted me for accountability.

This helped her build momentum in working out consistently on her own.

For nutrition, we did a combination of calorie counting and intuitive eating.

At first, Amanda struggled with calorie counting, saying "when I don't hit my calories, I feel like I failed."

But with my coaching, she eventually learned to see calorie counting simply as a tool to gain awareness.

After counting calories for a few months, Amanda switched to eating more intuitively.

She learned what foods made her feel good, and how to eat indulgent foods without feeling guilty.


Months later, Amanda now truly leads a healthy lifestyle.

Her body is stronger and she goes to the gym by herself 3x a week, and even prioritizes her workouts when traveling!

She's leaner and she's developed sustainable eating habits like slowly till 80% full, eating more protein, and staying mindful of her portions.

She even started running in the mornings as a way to kick off her day.

One of my favorite wins is that Amanda came to realize that working out is less about aesthetics, and more about living a healthy lifestyle.

She shared this:


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