Is your workout actually effective?

Just because you're sweaty and sore doesn't mean you got a good workout.

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Hi, I'm Vanessa.

I help busy professionals build the right habits to get in the best shape of their lives.


Create a healthier lifestyle

You already know that exercise is important and kale is healthy.

But that doesn't equate to having the actual skills to create a healthy lifestyle.

I help you bridge the gap between knowledge and behavior.


Work out effectively

Sweat and soreness aren't indicators of an effective workout.

But we often incorrectly assume doing tons of burpees will get us fit.

I emphasize workouts that will actually give you results, and get you stronger and more fit for everyday life.


Eat healthy consistently

Healthy eating doesn't just mean salads (especially if you're a person of color who prefers foods from your culture).

It also goes into your behaviors, mindset, and relationship with food.

I partner with you to design realistic and sustainable eating habits that don't leave you feeling guilty.

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